The concept for the brochure of the Bühnen Halle Theater combines each of the five stages in a single theater programm. Out of the question what are the common characteristics of all five stages, a visual concept was designed which shows the work behind the stages. For each workshop pictures were made with a small series of people, objects and spaces to capture the magical atmosphere of these places. 

Book, 16,5 cm × 23,5 cm, 200 pages

B02_vorwort KopieB02_vorwort Kopie
B03_peter_pan KopieB03_peter_pan Kopie
B04_t_theater-9859 KopieB04_t_theater-9859 Kopie
B05_stücke KopieB05_stücke Kopie
B06_t_theater-9977 KopieB06_t_theater-9977 Kopie
B07_t_theater-9956 KopieB07_t_theater-9956 Kopie
B08_t_theater-9957 KopieB08_t_theater-9957 Kopie
B10_t_theater-9984 KopieB10_t_theater-9984 Kopie